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It’s a current version for the northern regions, where rainfalls often greet fishermen. The ability to manage the boat regardless of the vagaries of the weather is particularly nice during the tangible excitement. In this weather the owners of open versions receive a portion of the fresh water. On this boat everything is set for comfortable fishing. Hard Top concept makes it easy to access to the cockpit, and at the same time it is not hot in the hot summer days in the cabin. Bow cockpit provides easy access to the beach. We have kept style the same for all boats Grizzly, making a reliable, practical and modern boat.

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Length 6.113 m
The maximum width of 2.350 m
Freeboard 0.90 m
Deadrise 19º
Transom height 510 mm
Mass 850 kg
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness (bead forming) 4 mm
Recommended engine power of 150 hp
Hull material а aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 8 people
  • Choice of hull color.
  • RAL Electric windlass.
  • Audio-video equipment.
  • Installing of remote-controlled searchlights.
  • Tents.
  • Additional transom for the motor.
  • The ladder on the transom.
  • Holders for spinning.
  • Navigation equipment.
  • Trolling equipment.
  • Galley consisting of a gas cooker, a gas cylinder cleaning + 5 kg (propane gas).
  • Drinking water tank 60 liters.
  • Life jackets.
  • Accessories from the Maritim catalog.
  • Acquisition of new or little used in motors.
  • webasto for use in the northern latitudes,
  • downriggings,
  • gliders,
  • glider coils,
  • spinning-holders,
  • built aerated ponds for fish storage.
  • Sounders and chartplotters: installation, replacement, sale and consultation.
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  • Colour: white.
  • Steering with a steering cable with motor up to 200 hp.
  • The stationary fuel tank of 200 liters.
  • Side rails.
  • Windscreens and windows cuttings (toughened) 4 mm.
  • Self-draining cockpit (deck) and a drawer for the bow anchor.
  • Bow and stern lockers.
  • Mooring cleats (6 pcs.).
  • Anti-skid on the bow and stern.
  • Soft cushion on the seat.
  • Control Panel.
  • Running lights.
  • Electropomp.
  • Switch with the key.
  • The box for the battery.
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Additional description

Boats Grizzly Pro are designed for harsh environments, and most advanced technology is used in the production of this range. The boats are extremely reliable and durable that is ensured by taken as the basis a special alloy of marine aluminum AlMG 5-M with thickness up to 6mm. High-tech equipment is used during welding of the hull. Big hull thickness open new horizons for these boats and for this reason, Pro series operates in various parts of the country, including the seaside, providing security and border control on the water. Our company is constantly improving its material and technical base, introducing new innovations of modern world-class boats production.

Each boat is a compromise of several components. It is impossible to create the perfect boat for all. There is no ideal size and layout. But there is an experience that allows you to create the most successful models. After analyzing our own long-term experience, as well as the wishes of our customers, we decided to create a best-in-class mobile boat for fishing.

It isGrizzly 580 Pro seriesHT. Hardtop cabin is shifted forward, thereby releasing the aft. In the creation of the hull numerous calculations of the impact of water on the body have been conducted, the best scheme of hull lines has been selected. As a result, we have got a great product, which demonstrates the best seaworthiness. The dynamics and the initial spurt, the engine of average capacity. Confident planing, no porpoise, spraying and yaw. The boat have a course perfectly in different operating modes. Thus, we have got a high quality product, which has no equal on the market today. And if the boat is a compromise, then this model is uncompromising in its class.

Lightweight, reliable and rugged. Impeccable build quality and interior, the ability to install modern equipment. Easy preparation for trolling boats. It is easy to be transported on a trailer, does not require special launching, it allows to approach the coast where the depth is very small.

Fishing is still the main element of this boat, but not the only one. Hunting enthusiasts too have not gone away as those who prefer measured rest on the water. The presence of such a boat allows you to travel, making long jumps. It does not require special parking, although it looks great in a modern marina. Rigid cab protects from the weather, but boat control on hot days is not a problem, thanks to the easy cockpit ventilation.

A wide range of optional equipment will add the missing and necessary for the owner optios and our experts, having extensive experience in tuning of the boats, can easy install the equipment even of the highest degree of difficulty. Aesthetics has always been an important step in building boats for us, therefore we offer a wide choice of color-making body.

We should also say about the cost of this really high-quality safe boat, made entirely of advanced materials on the best equipment. The price we have saved not on a high level in order to enable the customer to select more advanced options for creating individual boat.

And also we recommend boat trailers for independent boat transportation.

Individual configuration

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