Boat Kasatka 2M

3 605 000 руб

This boat length of 8.46 m is designed for those who prefer to fish or to voyage in a big company. At the same time who prefers comfort and reliability but not the old phrase “in the crowded but not mad”. The spacious cabin offers opportunities for fishing throughout the open-water season. It’s a perfect solution for those who seek to be alone with nature but prefer the comfort in difficult weather conditions. It is a reliable boat in all conditions and tough fishing.

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Parameter Kasatka m2
Length 8.46 m
The maximum width of 2.5 m
Amidships height -m
Deadrise 19º
Transom height – mm
Mass 2100 kg
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness (bead forming) 4 mm
Recommended motor power of 200-250 hp
Hull material aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 6-10 people
  • Choice of hull color
  • Outboard four-stroke engine
  • OOO «Severnoe more» – the official dealer of Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury
  • Shore power 220 W upon request (for charging)
  • Case for transport and winter storage
  • One-burner alcohol stove
  • Two-burner alcohol stove Lamp-seeker with remote control
  • Kit of windshield wipers upon request (2 pcs.)
  • Kit of windshield wipers (2 pcs.)
  • Kit of windshield wipers (3 pcs.)
  • AirTop 2000 Webasto heater
  • Webasto 3900 ST B heater (petrol)
  • Evacuation hatch in the bow cabin 470 x 470 mm
  • Ventilation hatch in the cockpit 340 x 210 mm
  • Bracket for additional motor (for the outboard)
  • 3-stage telescopic gangway bow
  • 3-stage telescopic gangway aft
  • Bleed bathroom (complete set)
  • Pantry with washing water supply system, water tank 110 liters, sink and mixer
  • Hot water system for the privy with boiler (as agreed with the customer)
  • The cockpit lighting upon request (set of the waterproof deck lamps)
  • Compass Suunto
  • Anchoring device with manual winch
  • Anchoring device with electric winch
  • Bow anchor, 15 kg
  • Stern anchor, 8 kg
  • VHF station of maritime and / or fluvial range (as agreed with the customer can be supplied both fixed and portable VHF radiostation)
  • Audio / video / sound system with internal and external antenna and speakers upon request (as agreed with the customer)
  • GPS-navigators and echo sounders from leading manufacturers: Contact Audio preparation upon request
  • Life buoy «Rescuer» upon request
  • Waistcoat (sea / river, adult / child)
  • Set of the additional options, tuning of the boats and the motorboats
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  • Navigational lights
  • Circular (anchor) fire on a removable mast
  • Automatic pump (2 pcs.)
  • Emergency pump of increased productivity
  • Beep (Foghorn)
  • Switch batteries
  • Disconnect switch
  • Socket with round flange (cigarette lighter)
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Outboard engine
  • Fuel tank capacity of 240 liters
  • Ventilation fungus in the deckhouse and in the privy
  • Mooring cleats (4 pcs.), 2 sealed storage box for batteries (55-60 Ah and 100-120 Ah)
  • Self-draining cockpit
  • Complete of bow and stern railings made of stainless tube with diameter of 25 mm
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc anodes
  • The mast on the roof is with the possibility of establishing a radar antenna, search lights, loudspeakers. Transforming table in the deckhouse. Board painting, superstructure and roof (design on request)
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Additional description

Boats Grizzly Pro are designed for harsh environments, and most advanced technology is used in the production of this range. The boats are extremely reliable and durable that is ensured by taken as the basis a special alloy of marine aluminum AlMG 5-M with thickness up to 6mm. High-tech equipment is used during welding of the hull. Big hull thickness open new horizons for these boats and for this reason, Pro

series operates in various parts of the country, including the seaside, providing security and border control on the water. Our company is constantly improving its material and technical base, introducing new innovations of modern world-class boats production.
With no doubt it is one of the flagships of our shipyard – multi-functional boat «Araganaft» (Kasatka2M). The broad geography of use includes a variety of conditions from the sea coast to the wild Siberian rivers. These boats can be found from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The field of application is also broad. These boats are in service in various departments of our country, including the Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Emergency Situations. The boats are used for patrolling, search and rescue operations, rapid response tasks. All this indicates a high degree of reliability and wide range of boat application.

The concept and the size of the boat let to use it both for water rest, fishing, hunting. The powerful hull is reliable even in the harshest conditions. All these requirements are met by Kasatka 2M.

The boat’s size allows completing it for autonomous travel and operation in the harshest weather conditions. It increases comfortable navigation to the entire period of open water. This is particularly appreciated by fishing amateurs. The boat, of course, does not apply to a class of mobile, but can easily be transported on a trailer.

The boat can meet the requirements of a wide variety of tasks. An impressive amount of lockers can carry a lot of things, placing them so that they do not interfere the passengers.

Despite its size the control of the boat is easy. It goes quickly into planing mode, providing a steady course even when fully loaded. Maneuverability allows you to operate even in the waters of relatively large rivers. It’s the fully multi-purpose boat. We have created for the owner an excellent selection of optional equipment, leaving only the basic and the necessary options. Depending on the tasks of the boat, it can be equipped for sea fishing or travel.

We pay great attention to maintenance quality, hull hydrodynamics, aesthetics and safety. The buoyancy of the hull is provided by several stages, together providing 100% unsinkable hull.

And also we recommend boat trailer sfor independent boat transportation.

Individual configuration

Contact Grizzly specialists to select a complete set according to your wishes and needs

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