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Grizzly has surprised everyone once again. The GRIZZLY 580 HT has replaced the GRIZZLY 600 that is so popular with watercraft enthusiasts and has become one of the most popular boats on the market.
The new 6-metre-long boat is available in two versions, HT and CABIN. At this size, the boat is the most popular, but length alone does not guarantee success, which is why Grizzly created a boat that fulfills all comfort and safety requirements on the basis of the GRIZZLY 580 HT hull.

Design GRIZZLY 600 HT

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Hull length  6.00 м.
Maximum width 2.25 м.
Freeboard 0.90 м.
Deadrise 19º
Transom height 510 mm.
Weight 700 kg.
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 4 mm.
Board thickness (pressed) 8 mm.
Thickness keel, transom 3 mm.
Engine power (installing two motors each) 100-150 hp
Max speed 84 km/h
Sleeping places 2+2 pcs.


  • Hull made of marine grade aluminium (AL Mg5M)
  • – Bottom shell plate – 4 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • – Flange – 3 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • – Keel – 8 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • – Transom height – 510 mm.
  • – Transversive- longitudinal set – 4 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • – Hull of grey colour  (aluminium) laminated with ORACAL film (white)
  • – Deck made of impact resistant plastic with gelcoat Premium class (colour white)
  • – Non-slip coating on bow, stern, side deck (plastic)
  • – Glazing of the cabin (6 mm tempered glass)
  • – Transom deck (crinoline) – 2 pcs.
  • – Permanent fender
  • – Steering control with helm rope for engines up to 200 hp.
  • – Stationary fuel tank – 140 litres.
  • – Bow railings – Ø 25 mm.
  • – Flange railings – Ø 25 mm.
  • – Roof railings – Ø 25 mm.
  • – Covering the cabin ceiling (marine carpeting)
  • – The glove box on the passenger console
  • – Panoramic sliding sunroof ( tempered glass )
  • — Front door access to the bow deck (opening upwards).
  • – Bow anchor box
  • – Cabin with berths – 2 persons
  • – Soft padding (mattresses) berths (marine vinyl).
  • – Transforms captain’s and navigator’s (vinyl leather) chair.
  • – Lockers in the cabin – 3 pcs.
  • – Lockers in the deckhouse – 2 pcs.
  • – Aft lockers – 2 pcs. (cockpit).
  • – Soft padding on aft lockers with backrests (marine vinyl)
  • – Ventilation grilles in the lockers (plastic).
  • – Stainless steel mooring cleats – 4 pcs.
  • – Marine electrical equipment control panel
  • – Fuel level
  • – Navigation lights with protective covers.
  • – Headlight
  • – Electric pump.
  • – Ignition key
  • – Battery drawer.
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  • Choice of enclosure colour.
  • Electric anchor winch.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Installation of remote controlled spotlights
  • Awnings.
  • Additional transom for the engine.
  • Gangway on the transom.
  • Holders for spinning
  • Navigation equipment.
  • Trolling equipment.
  • Galley consisting of gas cooker, sink + gas cylinder 5kg. (propane gas).
  • Fresh water tank – 60 litres.
  • Life vests
  • Accessories from the Maritim catalogue.
  • Options are available with new or second-used engines.
  • For use in northern latitudes.
  • Downriggers
  • Planer board
  • Planer
  • Spinning holders.
  • Integrated aeration cages for the storage of fish.
  • Echo sounders and chartplotters: installation, replacement, sale, assistance.
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Additional description

This new boat is 6 metres long and is available in two modifications, HT and CABIN. In this size boat is the most popular, but it’s not only the boat length that guarantees success, so Grizzly has created a boat based on the GRIZZLY 580 HT hull, which meets all comfort and safety requirements.
What are the differences?

Outwardly, the exterior has become more modern, the design has become more elegant, the boat looks more aggressive and ready to fight with the elements. Despite the frown, Grizzly managed to add some elegance to the boat, in a word, like a real bear, formidable, graceful, beautiful.
The 600-series has taken into account practically every request and remark regarding its predecessor. She’s improved the ergonomics and layout, which has been given special attention in the design. The exterior of the boat added elements more typical for boats of a larger class, polycarbonate is replaced by the hardened glass, which allows to install up to 3 wiper blades, the side windows can be installed sliding shutters with clamps, they will help to mooring, provide additional ventilation and lend status to the boat.
New frame shape, as compared to predecessor 580 HT, is greatly extended width of bow lifting door, thus increasing visibility from the deckhouse. In CABIN version, a panoramic screen separates cabin from cockpit, equipped with sliding glass and lockable door. The sunroof is now made of tempered glass with a locking mechanism. The 600 now has two windows in the cabin liner, which gives extra light and makes it more harmonious.
Other new features have been added to the aft deck, including a multi-functional transom hull with a mobile lift table that reduces engine noise in the boat and also serves as a cockpit table, where you can lay out your gear or simply grab a quick bite to eat. The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers, 4 queen-size berths remain Grizzly’s trademark in this size of boat, but the chairs have undergone serious modifications, now they are more comfortable and have a reclining mechanism. The total interior volume makes this model the undisputed leader in its class. A man of average height can now stand upright in the deckhouse, unlike in the previous model. A sensible use of interior space allowed to provide maximum comfort in a boat of such size, while maintaining the volume of lockers of 1,200 litres, which is quite enough for a full trip.

Boat hull.

The hull has been modified as well, increasing bow spread, which allows completely diverting splashes and providing better wave runnability. But seaworthiness as one of the key qualities of Grizzly 600 remains unchanged. Agile and controllable, the 600 shows its agile nature in a wide range of conditions. On plane, even when the hull is fully loaded, the GRIZZLY 600 offers excellent directional stability on smooth water, waves, and even strong winds; at low speeds; and at full throttle. The turning from full throttle requires little space, and body roll is negligible, allowing you to fully enjoy the boat’s handling.
In production, like always, only the best and proven materials are used. The latest welding technology for aluminium seams is used. Ensuring the highest degree of reliability, while at the same time meeting aesthetic standards. State-of-the-art equipment is used extensively, with all production managed and overseen by experienced engineers and technologists. All cabin and cockpit finishes are made using only the finest quality materials from around the world with a high degree of craftsmanship and reliability. Safety on the water has traditionally been a top priority. The hull is completely unsinkable and meets all accepted standards. This opens up a wide horizon for the boat combined with its seaworthiness and the ability to approach any unequipped shore, allows it to be used in large water areas.

Individual configuration

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