Grizzly 660 TARGA JET

Grizzly 660 TARGA JET

890 000 руб

This is one of the brightest and the most popular models in the line of boats for special purposes. Recognizable silhouette of the boat, ultra-secure casing and water jet equipment provide the widest range of application of the boat. It begins from fishing trips and travelling to remote places, where the conventional outboard can’t get and the time on the road is limited; ending with the special purpose functions, such as database services in remote locations; watchkeeping, delivery of equipment in  places, that are difficult to be reached. A perfect combination of comfort and reliability Grizzly  company is fully reflected in the model 660 Jet.

Design Grizzly 660 TARGA JET

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Hull length 6.6 m
The maximum width of 2.15 m
Empty displacement 1.45 t
Carrying capacity of 800 kg
Draft 0.26 m
Deadrise 19 °
Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness 4 mm
Engine capacity 260 hp
Propulsion device water jet fixed device with ability to control by the angle of inclination of the outlet nozzle vertically through the drive
Fuel capacity 200 liters
Number of passengers 8
Number of beds 2

Additional description

Boats Grizzly Pro series has long established itself as a very practical, durable and reliable in its class. Welded aluminum hull of each model is created with all the latest technologies and developments, including innovative techniques developed by Grizzly few years of production. To date the production uses a special marine aluminum alloy AlMG 5-M up to 6 mm thick. Given as a special monitoring during the welding body, PRO Series meets the most stringent requirements and wishes of those who like to be under severe conditions or is forced to do it on duty, is. Boats Grizzly are liked by fans of fishing, hunting and water activities on the territory of Russia. But also they have an ongoing service in the organs and agencies designed to protect maritime borders, conduct patrols and provide security on the water.

We release new models capable of satisfying the interests of customers, providing reliable operation in difficult, hard to reach places. One of such model is an open version of the 660 hull, equipped with water-jet motor. The boat provides reliable running at shallow areas, without fear descend stranded or snag. In this case all of the hulls can be used to accommodate passengers or cargo.

The boat concept involves rapid movement to the desired point with the ability to deliver the maximum amount of equipment and the passengers on board. The credit for this largely lies on one of several models of water-jet engines, which can be equipped with a boat. Differences are mainly in the capacity, which ultimately increases the load capacity at maximum speed and reduces the time to release the planing mode. The body itself allows you to move confidently to places with minimum depth, approach the shore with mooring on the pebbly or rocky shore.

This concept allows the boat to establish fairly quickly a full canopy over the cockpit, and two sofas set on the sides are transformed into beds. That sometimes becomes a significant advantage, for example, in cases where the approach to the coast or to establish a camp are impossible.

For these reasons, this model is of interest both for fishing, hunting and eco-tourism. It’s for long-distance travel, exploring of new territories, research purposes, providing of remote bases and camps, for tourist and special purpose. It can help in keeping watch in the special services and the water police, State Inspection of Small Vehicles, border guards and other water-related divisions.

Although the boat serves mainly to move through the river systems, with an abundance of shoals, rapids and shoals, thanks to a successful hull it perfectly behaves itself on the open water, keeping the stability and maneuverability even in a tangible excitement.

Individual configuration

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