GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser

GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser

2 230 000 руб

The GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser is the iconic representative of the Pro range, combining all the main qualities and characteristics of this series, complemented by a range of design and technical solutions designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Traditionally the whole Pro series is distinguished first of all by a greater emphasis on reliability and unpretentiousness in operation. And its size of 7.05m greatly expands the possibilities of using this model from short mobile outings to long multi-day expeditions in harsh weather conditions.

Design GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Hull length 7.050 м.
Maximum width 2.500 м.
Freeboard 0.26 м.
Deadrise 19º
Transom height 510-635mm.
Weight 1.450 kg.
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 5 mm.
Board thickness (pressed) 4 mm.
Thickness keel, transom 10 mm.
Engine power (installing two motors each) 150-300 hp
Number of passengers 8 people
Sleeping places 2+2 pcs.
  • Hull made of marine grade aluminium (AL Mg5M)
  • Bottom shell plate – 5 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Flange – 4 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Keel – 10 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Transom height – 510 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Transversive- longitudinal set – 4 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Hull of grey colour
  • Deck (AL Mg5M) quintet
  • Non-slip coating on bow, stern, side deck
  • Access to the foredeck via the side floodgates
  • Sidewall timber
  • Nose grabrails – Ø 30 mm.
  • Stern grabrails – Ø 30 mm.
  • Mooring cleats – 4 pcs. (aluminium)
  • Rum hinge – 2 pcs.
  • Cockpit sofas convertible to sleeper (port/ starboard) – 2 pieces. (marine vinyl)
  • Padded covers in the cabin. Additional sleeping berths. (marine vinyl)
  • Captain’s, navigator’s chair (marine vinyl)
  • Fuel gauge
  • Mechanical steering with steering cable under the motor
  • Helm with GRIZZLY logo
  • Glovebox in passenger console
  • Light in the passenger compartment – 1 pc.
  • Socket outlet – 12 V
  • Shipboard electrical control panel
  • Fuse box
  • Mains release key
  • Running lights
  • Top fire
  • Electric bilge pump
  • Fixing for the battery
  • Fuel tank – 240 litres.
  • Anodes – 2 pcs.
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  • Non-standard RAL enclosure colour
  • Changing the colour of the stickers
  • Choice of interior colour and furniture
  • Choosing the colour of the running awning
  • Colour choice of transport awning
  • Colour choice of bow awning
  • Bow awning
  • Canopy undercarriage
  • Transport awning
  • Decorative covers on consoles, helm, etc. logos Extra transom for small engine up to 15 hp. Additional transom for small engine over 15 hp
  • Bow ladder
  • Feed ramp
  • Targa made of 30 mm AMG5M pipe.
  • Carved AMG5M 10mm Targa.
  • Transom platform (crinoline)
  • Hydraulic steering kit up to 150 hp.
  • Hydraulic steering kit up to 300 hp.
  • Hydraulic steering kit over 300 hp
  • Additional aft deck lighting
  • Additional forward deck lighting
  • Recessed nosepeat headlights
  • Sliding side-glazed side windows in the cabin
  • Remote-controlled headlamp for targa with installation
  • Headlamp with stern lighting on the reel with fitting
  • Diode running lights
  • Interceptors (with automatic connection option) Automatics for interceptors
  • Autopilot
  • Transom plates
  • Sounding board for echo sounder sensor
  • Installing a chartplotter echo sounder
  • Enlarging the left-hand console for the installation of a radio Audio preparation: wiring, preparation for the installation of equipment
  • Increasing the fuel tank to 300 litres.
  • Music: Waterproof box for shipboard audio equipment – 1 piece, marine speakers – 4 pieces, active antenna – 1 piece, tape recorder – 1 piece.
  • Installation of spin holder cups (adjustable)
  • Installation of spin holder cups (on a ø 38 pipe targe, welded)
  • Spinning holders on board
  • Downrigger pads ( mechanical )
  • Downrigger pads with electrical wiring
  • Audible alarm (built-in)
  • Electric single tone horn
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Electric pump automatic
  • Cockpit table + additional base
  • Optional upholstered seat with locking compartment 1200x450x350 mm.
  • Webasto marine cabin heater with installation
  • Height-adjustable rack with skids
  • Height-adjustable stand with shock absorber (with skid) Fuel filter separator
  • Additional constructions made of pipe – 25, 30 mm
  • Supplementing the boat with an anchor
  • Changes in transom height from 508 to 630 mm.
  • MOTORS motor installation:
  • Mercury 200 L Verado (not fitted) – 1 pc.
  • Mercury 225 L Verado(without equipment) – 1 pc.
  • Mercury 250 L Verado (not fitted) – 1 pc.
  • Suzuki DF 175 TL – 1 set
  • Suzuki DF 200 ATL – 1 set
  • MSA 822141.502
  • MSA 822141.402
  • * A hydraulic steering system is recommended for boats with 80 hp and above


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Additional description

The style of the GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser is similar to the G680 Twin, which is already recognisable. Traditionally, the entire Pro series is characterised by a greater emphasis on reliability and ruggedness. The GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser meets all of these needs and features prominently in the professional Grizzly range.

Comfort and versatility are very important to many boat owners today. The forward cockpit in the traditional layout of the PRO series boats is sacrificed, resulting in a cozy and very comfortably habitable cabin. The soft cushions, which come as standard with this model, make a sleeping place where two people can comfortably recline. GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser, having a cabin, has a wider range, on the duration of transitions and trips, the cabin gives the opportunity to spend the night in the boat, not worrying about finding a night shelter, which greatly increases the time spent on the boat and allows to operate it in the harshest conditions.
This boat, like all GRIZZLY boats, will definitely stand out when moored in a marina or on the trail. This is for a number of reasons, on the one hand the emphasis on contemporary style and fashion, but more on design features – painting, modern shapes and a recognizable elongated bow.
A special feature on the outside of the hull, like the GRIZZLY G680 PRO Cruiser, is the construction of the gunwale. Its outer surface is coated with a special material, Line-X. It is widely used in the tuning of large four-wheel-drive vehicles and large pick-up trucks. Creating a special style, but first of all with special structural properties: increased resistance to abrasion and damage. This is used in the foresail design, where it is particularly valuable. After all, the classic coating – rubber – tends to quickly become damaged, obsolete, losing its original appearance. The structure of the foresail beam, thanks to its greater thickness, protrudes a little beyond the hull boundaries and performs the function of a splashguard. This is also unique for a boat of this class. Moreover, such form increases the area of the fenders, which makes it more convenient and safe to sail along the side. Convenient, sturdy grab railings around the perimeter of the entire hull further enhance this. They also offer additional functionality, enabling you to not only hang on while moving around the boat, but also to use them for cargo securing. And in the upper part of the deckhouse, they serve as additional protection for the running lights. Which is very important when mooring to a high mooring wall or ‘locking’, as it will not allow the lights to be damaged in the event of heavy rocking.
If the mooring is to a low mooring wall or an inferior boat, an additional, lower gunwale is fitted to the hull.

The aft part of the boat is divided into two spacious areas: the swimming platform and the aft cockpit. The swimming platform consists of two spacious crinolines which can be used not only for easy access to the engines, but also for fishing or for enjoying water activities. For the easiest and most comfortable boarding, a heavy duty ladder in cleats is installed on one of the crinolines. The cockpit itself is spacious enough.

For the fishermen’s convenience there are special lockers along each side where they can store their spinning rods. And above the cockpit you can place a targa for 8-10 spinnings, with glider reels for trolling. The boat concept is ideal for this style of fishing.
The cockpit door is made of durable acrylic. Unlike glass, this material is unbreakable, but also provides excellent visibility from the cockpit and maximum light penetration. The door itself is sliding and has locks that hold it in different positions.
Both the boat deck and the cabin are finished with a special polymer material that visually resembles teak. It’s also easy to clean, hardwearing and, if damaged, it can easily be replaced. But above all: it fulfils its main function as a non-slip surface. In the deckhouse it provides an additional function of thermal and noise insulation.

The deckhouse layout is a classic for this class of boat. Two sofas are placed along the sides. The seat of each of them serves as a lid of a voluminous two-hundred-liter locker. As both lockers are ventilated they do not produce typical smell and condensation and therefore are suitable for storage of any items.

The cab has glazed panoramic windows made of tempered safety glass with automotive-inspired riveting technology. This ensures maximum visibility and illumination of the cab. The captain’s and navigator’s seats are laterally-supported and are easy to manoeuvre comfortably at different speeds, further absorbing impacts in rough seas at high speeds.
The consoles are spread out over the sides to form a passage to the forward cockpit. The forward cockpit has a large dry stowage compartment in each of them and agencies.

Individual configuration

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