Outboard motor Mercury 250 (XL, CXL) Saltwater EFI

Technical specifications

Power186.4 KW
Maximum number of revolution per minute5000-5800
Cylinder (s)V-6 (60 °)
Capacity, cm33032
Bore / Stroke92 mm x 76 mm
CoolingWater + thermostat + pressure regulator
Ignitioninductive with an electronic control unit (PCM 555)
Gear ratio1.75
Switch position TransmissionP.h.-N.-Z.h.
Control SystemRemote control panel
Generator system60 A (756 W) with a belt-driven generator and a voltage regulator
Trim adjustment systemStandard electro-hydraulic
Fuel tankSelective
Requirements for fuelUnleaded 90 RON minimum
Recommended height of the transomXL 635mm
Valve SystemContour intake system (EFI)
Exhaust systemThrough screw
Oil Injection SystemStandard
Left rotationNo

Additional description

Mercury outboard engines have all the positive properties of conventional four-stroke engines, such as low fuel consumption and quiet, but apart from that they also possess other advantages such as a large cylinder capacity for the creation of additional torque; high power; fully adjustable alternator; 20A battery charging system; capacitor discharge ignition for instant start-up and the water pump greater productivity, which allows a greater degree of protection of the motor and requires less maintenance costs.

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