In the end of 2009 a new model of Grizzly 580 DC was mass-produced

– Teak cover – FLEXTTEEK (Norway);
– Hydraulic system of motor control – LS (France);
– Anatomic driver’s and passenger’s seats with strongly developed lateral support and lifting knee bolster are made of special waterproof (marine) synthetic leather on the base of vinyl (made in Italy);
– Functionally and design-studied command point with elements of finish from mahogany, wooden natural steering wheel (Italy);
– A hull of the boat is made of high-strength marine aluminum alloy Al-Mg-5M by argon-arc double welding, with highly-improved fore-aft  set, that is perfect for use in water areas with difficult weather conditions and strengthen rolling.

Inside part of the hull is made of composite material made in England for rising of ergonomic comfort and pretty design.

New branded frame glazing by TALOR is installed on the boat for improving of comfort on board.
The boat is equipped with enlarged fuel tank of 150 liters for far voyages and also with big storage lockers of 850 liters and unique under-deck locker for storage of skis and fishing tackles.

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