Grizzly boats



600 000 rub

Length up to 6 meters is actually a border in a class of mobile boat. They do not have so rigid trailer selection requirements for transportation, it is possible to install on them less powerful and therefore more fuel-efficient engines, they are...

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855 000 rub*
950 000 rub.

The stylish 580 has the features of a dynamic, sporty boat. Ready to hit the ground running at any second. The world-famous hull layout includes virtually two cockpits, one aft and one bow. This makes the boat suitable for both active holidays on...

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Boat GRIZZLY 580 Fisherman

550 000 rub*
595 000 rub.

Model Grizzly 580 Fisherman (I would call it ProAnglers, from the perspective of the destination correctly, because a fishermen is a fisherman-farmer)
The boat name speaks for itself. It is ascetic, reliable and most importantly a comfortable boat...

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Boat GRIZZLY 580 Cruizer

870 000 rub*
945 000 rub.

It’s the classical concept of cruise boats, popular in the United States. It was evaluated and in our market in recent years. There is a spacious cockpit and cozy closed cabin. 580 Cruiser is focused on a comfortable holiday with friends or family....

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610 000 rub*
660 000 rub.

Small mobile boat is popular among professionals of trolling concept. Light, agile, steady in the course and easily controlled. Hard-top cabin allows you to take shelter in case of bad weather, and spacious cockpit provides ample space while...

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